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Jumat, April 03, 2015

STATEMENT Human Rights Violations and the Injustices Conducted Towards Patani Students

Surat PERNYATAAN Federasi Mahasiswa dan Pemuda Patani (PerMAS) atas pelanggaran HAM dan ketidakadilan dilakukan militer terhadap 22 Mahasiswa yang ditangkap setelah militer menyerbu kampus Princess of Naradhiwas University. Penggerebekan dilakukan militer dan penahanan Mahasiswa di bawah penggunaan Darurat Militer. Penahanan antara 7 sampai 30 hari yang diizinkan di bawah undang-undang khusus.

Human Rights Violations and the Injustices
Conducted towards Patani Students

On the 2nd of April 2015, 22 youths including university students and activists were arrested after the military raided their off campus accommodations.The students who were arrested are currently studying at Princess of Naradhiwas University. The raids conducted and the detention of the youths is permitted under the use of Martial Law; that is still active in the three southernmost provinces of Thailand, also known as Patani.

The raids of student accommodation, especially the dormitories of youth activists are a common occurrence in the conflict-ridden region of Patani. With the use of Martial Law and Emergency Decree, in most cases these youths are often under arrest without knowing the reasons behind their arrests or the reasons to which the authorities demand their DNA samples. In most cases, after the raid and the period of detention (between 7 to 30 days) that is permitted under these special laws, those detained would be released due to the fact that there is lack of adequate evidence to pursue their cases further. Ultimately, the process of the raid to the arrest and the detention up until the release leaves these ‘victims’ traumatized and fearful of the authorities.

In the past eleven years, there have been many complaints of human rights violations – especially by former detainees. Cases pertaining the military use of violence and torture to civilians who have been detained is a common and growing phenomenon since the reemergence of the conflict. Human rights violation in conflict zones such as Patani needs to be acknowledged and addressed by international agencies since demands made to the Thai State are often deterred or left in ambiguity.

On the 1st of April 2015, the current leadership of the Thai government has lifted martial law that was implemented nationwide after the military coup d’├ętat in May 2014. However, their decision instead is to invoke Article 44 of a junta-imposed interim constitution that gives the ruling bodies nearabsolute authority without any accountability. Amongst various concerns of the parties involved, the main concern is of the special laws (including Martial Law and Emergency Decree) that is still in place in the region of Patani. These laws not only denies civilians of their rights but civilians including youths who have stood up in defiance against injustices have also been threatened and to some extent harmed in many cases.

PerMAS as a political organization that works towards peace building in the region of Patani with adherence to democratic principles and with utmost respect for human rights demands the following:
1.The army must release all students they have arrested immediately. They must abstain from threatening youths and students who are active members of the community and refrain from any acts that violates human rights. The army must adhere to the principles of human rights by ending all forms of torture.
2.The Thai government should consider lifting the martial law that is still declared throughout the region of Patani. These special laws have been used for over ten years consecutively and have been abused by the authorities. Consideration for changes of its use should be made for the well being of the citizens.

3 MARCH 2015


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