Right Of Self Determination - Give Back For The PATANIAN Entire Land

Senin, Juni 25, 2012

The Government of Thailand Aggressively Doing “Siamization”

Malay Patani is not only soaked in blood, the Government Of Thailand's Continued Atrocities Against Malay Patani Muslims.

Far in the islamic world and almost unheard in the media, the situation in Malay Patani is worsening. Murder and oppression are happening everywhere. Unfortunately, these are minimally exposed by the media. Since eight years ago, six thousands Malay Patani have been killed. Now, five thousand widows and orphans are living in Patani.

The Government considers Malay Patani terrorists, whereas are Patani fighters. Where Malay Patani used to be a country but was later seized by the government of colonial Siam 1909 M. It was from there that a number groups emerged to regain Patani.

Thailand's Government is an absolute Buddhist rule. They regard the Malay Patani as subordinates and rebels. Whereas, the number of Malay in Patani is about 1.5 millions.

The number of Malay Muslims is about 1.5 millions, but the total number is 1.8 millions in the three provinces, i.e. Yala, Patani and Narathiwat. Overall, the number of Muslims in Thailand is 4 millions.”

This condition is compounded with the politics of dividing the Muslims and society Buddhist. There are some Malay who support the Government, while the others fight for the liberation of Patani. But most people in Patani fight for ''right of self determination'' and defend their religion.

The Patani society generally support the measures of the struggles taken up by the various groups there, including war with arms against the government the Buddhist. .

Not only that, the Buddhist government of Thailand are very aggressively doing “Siamization” against the Malay Muslim Patani citizens. All places, and their way of life are Siamized by them.

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